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10 Science Stories Everyone Is Talking About

posted: 06/30/17
by: Jason Ginsburg

New scientific theories, research, feats, and discoveries are happening all over the world. How is a science fan supposed to keep up?

At Science Channel, we follow as many science stories as possible. We've selected the most intriguing, exciting, or downright cool headlines to keep you updated and captivated.

Here are 10 science stories you need to know this week:

1. Human sacrifice has been part of numerous civilizations around the world. From Israel to Stonehenge to Mongolia, there are at least 25 cultures that engaged--or still engage--in this deadly practice. -- LiveScience

2. The USSR launched a woman into space in 1963. The US wouldn't do it for another 20 years. What happened? Women actually trained for Project Mercury but never flew. This is their forgotten story. -- Smithsonian Magazine

3. Rescue workers and search dogs can't always get through the rubble to find survivors after a disaster--but roaches can. Researchers are using simple tech to turn these unloved insects into cyborgs that can save lives.

4. Do you understand gravitational waves? How about the concept of extra dimensions? Put your knowledge to the test with this new theory that gravity waves may prove the existence of other universes. -- Phys.org

5. Marine biologists are racing to save America's only coral reef before it's destroyed by rising ocean temperatures. What started as a citizen-science project to replant coral off the coast of Florida now has the backing of the University of Miami and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. -- Washington Post

6. A recent study on aging determined that people simply can't live past the age of 115. But new research has found the human lifespan could actually be much longer--with no definite end. -- LiveScience

7. Using clues from the site, archaeologists think they know what the Great Sphinx of Giza originally looked like, complete with beard, painted facial features, and an elaborate headdress.

8. New Horizons gave us important data and beautiful images from Pluto. It's still flying. The team behind the probe have selected its next target: an icy object in the Kuiper Belt that New Horizons will reach in 2019. -- Space.com

9. It wasn't only a giant meteorite that caused the dinosaurs' extinction; the impact triggered volcanic eruptions that changed the climate. New research shows volcanoes led to a similar extinction 150 million years earlier, giving rise to the dinosaurs in the first place. -- Science Daily

10. A quantum computer would be unhackable--any interference in the data would be detected by both the recipient and the sender. China has taken the first steps in quantum computing, which could completely transform cryptography, cybersecurity, and cyberwarfare. -- Wired

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