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BATTLEBOTS Episode 1 Highlights

posted: 07/13/17
by: Science Channel

Flames, shrapnel and explosions rocked the arena in the BATTLEBOTS Season 1 premiere as eight teams dueled for position in the qualifying round. Here's what you need to know about each fight (SPOILERS AHEAD):

Razorback vs. Icewave
Sparks flew in the first battle between Razorback and Icewave. Icewave delivered mass amounts of destruction to Razorback, sending shrapnel flying around the ring. Despite an internal fire, Icewave claimed victory.

Wrecks vs. Plan X
Plan X dominated this bout, but the tides turned when Wrecks scored a series of seriously destructive blows in the final seconds. Neither bot backed down. Ultimately, the judges declared Plan X the winner in a unanimous ruling.

Bite Force vs. Warhead
Bite Force was the aggressor, punishing the veteran Warhead, forcing the opposing bot into hazard after hazard. Warhead was unable to recover. The bout culminated with a vicious suplex delivered by Bite Force - a "dark horse" in this competition.

Nightmare vs. Warrior Clan
In this explosive fight, Warrior Clan's mini-bots couldn't compete with Nightmare's destructive spinner. In a swift turn of events, Warrior Clan scored a perfect hit and Nightmare was unable to right itself. An emotional Warrior Clan steals the bout.

BATTLEBOTS airs Wednesdays at 10/9c only on Science Channel.

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