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BATTLEBOTS Episode 201 Highlights

posted: 08/24/17
by: Science Channel

Here's everything that you need to know about the action-packed Series Premiere of BATTLEBOTS Season 2 (SPOILERS AHEAD):

Bronco vs. Blacksmith
After engaging some light sparring, Blacksmith took a swing at Bronco, but missed. Bronco seized this opportunity to launch a lethal barrage of attacks, flipping Blacksmith across the ring. Blacksmith retaliated, but sustained damaged when an errant swing resulted in a broken hammer. With no weapons, Blacksmith was unable to defend itself against its opponent and was flipped onto the rails. Bronco claims victory.

Captain Shrederator vs. Death Roll
Captain Shrederator deftly dodged Death Roll's initial attacks. Once its opponent was out maneuvered, Captain Shrederator launch a vicious offensive, dismembering Death Roll form head to tail. Further attacks rendered Death Roll inert. Captain Shrederator is declared the winner.

Lucky vs. Beta
After some jockeying for position, Beta hammered Lucky, scattering shrapnel across the arena. Beta continued its assault, but its efforts or thwarted when Lucky managed to flip its opponent. Beta rights itself and launches a counter attack, temporarily damaging Lucky's flipper. The two bots exchange powerful blows for the duration of the match and the decision goes to the judges. Beta is declared the winner.

Minotaur vs. Photon Storm
Photon Storm and Minotaur exchange glancing blows. Minotaur rips into Photon Storm's armor. Photon Storm grapples with minotaur, but is unable to inflict substantial damage. Minotaur retaliates by delivering a lethal knock-out blow. Minotaur wins.

Additional Match-ups:

Icewave vs. Subzero
Both bots sustained extensive damage, but Icewave wins.

Ultimo Destructo vs. The Ringmaster
Ringmaster's spinner dismantles Ultimo Destructo piece-by-piece. Ringmaster wins the match.

Overdrive vs. Escape Velocity
Escape Velocity disables Overdrive's spinner and puts its opponent on its back. Escape Velocity wins.

Black Ice vs. Tombstone
Tombstone shreds the competition, slicing into Black Ice with its lethal blade. Tombstone wins.

BATTLEBOTS Season 2 continues Wednesdays 9p only on Science Channel.

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