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BATTLEBOTS Episode 203 Highlights

posted: 08/31/17
by: Science Channel

Shots fired! BATTLEBOTS Episode 3 was a no-holds-barred melee of action that left fans stunned. Here's what you need to know (SPOILERS AHEAD):

Brutus vs. Moebius
The buzzer rang and Brutus unleashed a barrage of lethal projectiles. Moebius was stunned and attempted to recoup, but Brutus did not relent. The bot rammed its opponent at full force. Moebius attempted to dodge Brutus' continuing attacks, but begins smoking - signs of an internal fire. Brutus strikes its opponent with its vertical spinner, putting Moebius on its back. Brutus wins the match.

Ghost Raptor vs. Son of Whyachi (S.O.W)
Ghost Raptor went on the offensive, but was thwarted by S.O.W's spinner. Then, the two bots collided in an impact that sent them both machines reeling. While S.O.W. struggled to free itself after getting snared on its own mini-bot, Ghost Raptor faced its own technical issues - which would lead to the bot's downfall. Whyachi seizes the opportunity to dismantle its rival and is declared the victor.

Yeti vs. Lock-Jaw
Lock-Jaw quickly approached Yeti, attempting a spring-assault. Yeti countered with a powerful hit from its spinner - sparks ensued. Yeti continued to pummel its opponent with each blow. Lock-Jaw sustained significant damage, but did not back down. Lock-Jaw grappled with Yeti forcing the bot onto the screws. Neither bot backed down and both survived the bout. Yeti is declared victor by unanimous decision.

Rotator vs. Witch Doctor
Rotator's double-sided design met its match in Witch Doctor. Witch Doctor's initial assault dislodged its opponent's wheel leaving the bot unable to maneuver. The referees initiated the countdown that would end the bout. Witch Doctor is declared the victor.


Mega Tento vs. Poison Arrow
Poison Arrow's drone and spinner wreaked havoc against Mega Tento. Poison arrow wins.

Overhaul vs. Cobalt
Though Overhaul's armor was formidable, it wouldn't hold up against Cobalt's spinner. Cobalt is the victor.

SawBlaze vs. Razorback
SawBlaze was the aggressor until Razorback disabled its opponent's weapon. Razorback is declared the victor.

Red Devil vs. Wrecks
Red Devil owned this match, grappling with its opponent and manipulating it at will. Red Devil wins.

BATTLEBOTS Season 2 continues Wednesdays 9p only on Science Channel.

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