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BATTLEBOTS Episode 205 Highlights

posted: 09/15/17
by: Science Channel

BATTLEBOTS Episode 5 - Part 2 of the round of 32 was a no-holds-barred thrill ride that saw both stunning upsets and calamitous catastrophes. Here's what you need to know (SPOILERS AHEAD):

Warhead vs. Complete Control
The bots cautiously approached each other until CRASH! One powerful blow sent them both reeling. Warhead's primary weapon stopped spinning, but not before it ripped through its opponent's armor. Warhead recovered and attacked Complete Control repeatedly; first shredding its armor, then setting it afire. Warhead wins.

Razorback vs. Ghost Raptor
Razorback rushed Ghost Raptor and quickly established itself as the aggressor, bullying its opponent around the battlebox. Ghost Raptor responded with a strong hit that sent shrapnel flying, but Razorback grabbed its opponent's weapon and delivered a stunning suplex. Ghost Raptor was flipped on its back and forced into the hazards. The bot would not recover. Razorback wins.

Tombstone vs. Escape Velocity
The bots cautiously circled each other, Escape Velocity avoiding Tombstone's blade and Tombstone steering clear of Escape Velocity's flipper. It was Tombstone that would land the first debilitating hits, tearing through Escape Velocity's armor. Escape Velocity would retreat but it was too late -- the bot would not escape Tombstone's blade. Tombstone quickly maimed and disabled Escape Velocity. Tombstone wins.

Son of Whyachi (S.O.W.) vs. Poison Arrow
Poison Arrow exercised caution, disabling S.O.W.'s mini bot while its drone companion attacked the main bot from above. When ready, Poison Arrow tepidly approached S.O.W. The force of the blow that followed sent both bots flying clear across the arena and left S.O.W. fatally damaged. Poison Arrow would recover and attack, but the damage was already done. Poison Arrow wins by T.K.O.

BATTLEBOTS Season 2 continues Wednesdays 9p only on Science Channel.

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