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BATTLEBOTS Episode 206 Highlights

posted: 09/21/17
by: Science Channel

The round of 32 came to a dramatic end in BATTLEBOTS Episode 6. Never-before-seen weapons would cause chaos and arch-enemies would square-off in one epic battle. Here's what you need to know (SPOILERS AHEAD):

Beta vs. Overhaul
Beta struck the first blow by landing a shot squarely on Overhaul's frame. Overhaul countered by pushing Beta into the rails. While Beta repositioned itself, Overhaul's repeated attacks were thwarted by its opponent's low profile and armor. Overhaul, unable to find an opening, is repeatedly hammered by Beta. Beta claimed victory after delivering a series of deadly blows to Overhaul's backside. Beta wins.

HyperShock vs. Son of Warrior Clan
HyperShock quickly attacked, bodying Warrior Clan against the side of the box. Sparks flew as the bots continued to ram one-another. HyperShock, equipped with a rake, then swatted Warrior Clan's drone companion out of the air. The flame-throwing drone crashed and exploded. The two bots continued to exchange powerful blows. Warrior Clan would succumb to damage and die. HyperShock wins.

Stinger vs. Mega Tento
Mega Tento tactfully approached Stinger. The two bots pushed against each other, Stinger's flame-thrower spewing flames across the arena. Mega Tento would retreat, with Stinger in pursuit. Stinger used the hazards to its advantage, but struggled with Mega Tento's size. When Mega Tento trapped Stinger, the smaller bot set Mega Tento aflame. The bots would exchange powerful blows through the end of the match - both bots surviving the carnage. It was a split decision, but Mega Tento was declared victor.

Chomp vs. Captain Shrederator
The bots cautiously approached each other, Chomp took the first swing but missed. Captain Shrederator took advantage, delivering devastating blows to Chomp's flank. Captain Shrederator, avoiding Chomp's weapon played a game of cat and mouse with the bigger bot. But after Chomp connected on a serious hit, Captain Shrederator started to show signs of internal issues from which it would not recover. Chomp wins.


Icewave vs. Nightmare
Spinners collided and the power of impact would fatally damage Icewave. Nightmare wins.

Brutus vs. Lock-Jaw
Arch-enemies went head-to-head in a battle of tact and precision. Brutus wins.

Cobalt vs. Bombshell
Bombshell survived this battle of wits by slicing through it's opponent's wheels. Bombshell wins.

Bite Force vs. Ringmaster
The reigning champions new weapon is questioned, after a close match with Ringmaster. Bite Force wins.

BATTLEBOTS Season 2 continues Wednesdays 9p only on Science Channel.

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