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BATTLEBOTS Episode 207 Highlights

posted: 09/28/17
by: Science Channel

BATTLEBOTS Episode 7 brought carnage and destruction. Fan favorites were ripped to shreds while others were burned, flipped, and felled. Here's what you need to know (SPOILERS AHEAD)...

Minotaur vs. Warhead
The bots cautiously approached one another - allowing their spinners to get up to speed. When the bots collided, both were sent reeling. Then, Minotaur maneuvered beneath its opponent, spinning and decapitating the bot. Minotaur showed no mercy and continued to attack Warhead, dismantling the bot piece by piece. In the end, Warhead - unable to move - would succumb to the damage inflicted. Minotaur wins by TKO.

Poison Arrow vs. HyperShock
HyperShock, the aggressor, quickly maneuvered around Poison Arrow and attacked from the side. The initial hit flipped Poison Arrow, and continued attacks inflicted additional damage. HyperShock dominated the opening minutes of the bout - bullying Poison Arrow around the battlebox - until internal issues with the bot's drive train rendered the bot immobile. Poison Arrow wins.

Red Devil vs. Bombshell
Red Devil and Bombshell attacked with such ferocity that both bots were damaged. Red Devil struggled to maneuver while Bombshell's primary weapon malfunctioned. Bombshell dominated the match, pushing its opponent around the ring and into the hazards. Meanwhile, Red Devil was unable to grapple with Bombshell. Both bots survived the round, but Bombshell was declared winner by unanimous decision.

Bronco vs. Razorback
Bronco attacked wedge-first, avoiding contact with Razorback's spinner. Continued attacks were deflected by Bronco's wedge. Meanwhile, Bronco slid beneath its opponent, flipping it into the air and onto its side. Bronco wins by TKO.

BATTLEBOTS Season 2 continues Wednesdays 9p only on Science Channel.

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