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BATTLEBOTS Episode 208 Highlights

posted: 10/05/17
by: Science Channel

BATTLEBOTS Episode 208: Rise of the Machines saw bots beaten, bludgeoned and battered. Here's what you need to know (SPOILERS AHEAD)...

Tombstone vs. Brutus
Brutus quickly approached Tombstone, attempting to out maneuver the larger bot. Tombstone adjusted and the bots collided head-on. Sparks flew and shrapnel littered the arena. Brutus continued its frontal assault with another head-on attack, which left the bot struggling to maneuver. Tombstone took advantage; first flanking Brutus, then attacking from behind. The damage was catastrophic, leaving Brutus unable to fend off further attacks. Tombstone wins.

Nightmare vs. Beta
Beta cautiously attacked, trying to avoid Nightmare's nightmarish vertical spinner. The bots exchanged light blows as Beta struggled to find an appropriate angle of attack. As fight escalated, the bots exchanged more powerful blows which caused debilitating damage to Beta's primary weapon. What followed was a game of 'cat and mouse,' with Nightmare emerging as the favorite. But, in a stunning turn of events, Beta flipped Nightmare in the final seconds of the match. Nightmare, unable to right itself, was declared 'knocked out.' Beta wins by T.K.O.

Mega Tento vs. Yeti
Yeti was the aggressor, scoring a huge hit within seconds of the buzzer. After a momentary retreat to regain the tactical advantage, Yeti launched another attack which forced Mega Tento onto the rails and demolished its right wheel. Mega Tento was unable to move. Yeti wins by T.K.O.

Bite Force vs. Chomp
Bite Froce and Chomp met at center-ring. Chomp attacked first, landing a powerful blow directly on its opponent's vertical spinner while spewing flames. The blow disabled Bite Force's primary weapon, a vertical spinner. For the remainder of the bout, Bite Force was relegated to pushing Chomp around the ring - using the hazards to its advantage and hoping to score points with the judges. Both bots survived the bout, but the judges ruled in favor of Chomp. Chomp wins.

BATTLEBOTS Season 2 continues Wednesdays 9p only on Science Channel.

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