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BATTLEBOTS Episode 209 Highlights

posted: 10/12/17
by: Science Channel

Flames, shrapnel, and explosions rocked the arena in the 'BattleBots' Episode 9: The Round of 8. Here's what you need to know about each fight (SPOILERS AHEAD):

Chomp vs. Yeti
Yeti launched a frontal assault, putting Chomp on its side. Chomp quickly recovered and countered with a series of brutal blows. Yeti would exercise caution in the following assault; first out-maneuvering Chomp, then attacking from the side. Shrapnel from Chomp's armor littered the arena as Yeti continued its assault. Ultimately, Chomp was unable to right itself and was declared "knocked out." Yeti wins.

Tombstone vs. Beta
Beta was the aggressor, ramming Tombstone at full speed. Tombstone lost control and flew across the arena. Tombstone recovered and launched a series of counter-attacks that were absorbed by Beta's armor. The power of the attack sent Tombstone reeling. After landing upside-down, Tombstone found itself pinned in the corner of the arena. In a stunning turn of events, Beta's hammer was destroyed when Tombstone ricocheted off the rails and into Beta's primary weapon. Tombstone continued its attack, completely dismantling Beta's hammer. Both bots survived the battle, but the judges declare Tombstone the winner.

Bombshell vs. Poison Arrow
Seconds into the match, Bombshell flipped Poison Arrow on its head and against the wall, rendering it immobile. But before the refs could call a T.K.O., Bombshell unintentionally righted Poison Arrow when attacking its opponent's drone companion. What ensued was a dominant display of aggression. Bombshell's ensuing attacks would send Poison Arrow soaring through the air, only to land wedged between the arena wall and the screws. Bombshell wins by T.K.O.

Bronco vs. Minotaur
Bronco struck the first blow, but Minotaur quickly retaliated by attacking from the side and getting beneath its opponent. Despite continually being flipped by Bronco, Minotaur continued its assault, proving to be a rather resilient bot. Repeated attacks to Bronco's flanks dismantled its wheels, leaving the bot unable to drive. Minotaur wins by T.K.O.

'Battlebots' Season 2 continues Wednesdays 9p only on Science Channel.

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