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BATTLEBOTS Episode 3 Highlights

posted: 07/27/17
by: Science Channel

In the first bouts of the round of 16, eight bots fought to separate themselves from the pack. The competition was unforgiving, not for the faint of heart. Here's what you need to know about each fight from BATTLEBOTS Episode 3 (SPOILERS ahead):

Chomp vs. Icewave
Chomp's flamethrower couldn't keep up with Icewave's blade, and the bot left a gash in its opponent's side. Icewave continued its assault, ripping into Chomp's armor and immobilizing the bot, winning by T.K.O.

Stinger vs. Warhead
Stinger was the aggressor, pushing the legendary Warhead into the screws, and flipping the bot on to its back. Warhead was eventually able to right itself, puncturing the screws to one of Stingers' wheels in the process. It was good fight - with Warhead surviving the bout - but in the end, Stinger was declared victor in a unanimous decision by the judges.

Warrior Clan vs. Ghost Raptor
With modifications made after the qualifying matches, both Ghost Raptor and Warrior Clan struggled to land powerful blows. In the end, it came down to a game of skill - which bot had the better driver. With some quick maneuvering, Ghost Raptor was able to push Warrior Clan into the pulverizer, where a series of critical blows rendered the bot inert. Ghost Raptor was declared the victor.

Plan X vs. Bronco
Any hopes of Plan X advancing in this competition were quickly dashed. In record-breaking time, Bronco maneuvered itself into position and flipped Plan X into the screws. The ref declared a T.K.O. Bronco, once again, bucks the competition.

BATTLEBOTS airs Wednesdays at 10p only on Science Channel.
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