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BATTLEBOTS Episode 5 Highlights

posted: 08/10/17
by: Science Channel

The quarterfinals were packed with action - violent crashes, sparks, and fiery explosions - as the top eight bots took to the BattleBox. Here's what you need to know about each fight (SPOILERS ahead):

Bronco vs. Stinger
The bots engaged in some cautious sparring before Bronco went on the offensive, aggressively flipping the souped-up Stinger - featuring a flamethrower and forklift - through the air multiple times. Despite Stinger's fiery counter-attacks, Bronco was able to establish position and flip its opponent over the rails, ending the match by T.K.O.

Tombstone vs. Witch Doctor
Tombstone was put to the test in this match-up against Witch Doctor. Exercising caution, Witch Doctor took multiple hits to its wedge, sending sparks flying across the arena. Both bots continued their attack. Finally, Tombstone scored a powerful hit, flipping Witch Doctor on its back, paralyzing the bot. Tombstone wins by T.K.O, but is severely damaged in the process - its blade snapped in two.

Bite Force vs. Overhaul
The battle between Bite Force and Overhaul was one of strategy and skill. Bite Force was the aggressor, grappling with its opponent and forcing it onto its side multiple times. But the tide turned late in the match when Overhaul clamped down on Bite Force's treads and lifted the bot into the air (and nearly onto the rails). It was a tight match - even the judges needed a closer look - but in the end, Bite Force was declared the victor.

Icewave vs. Ghost Raptor
In this battle, Ghost Raptor's defensive enhancement, dubbed the "de-icer," allowed the bot to engage with Icewave while keeping out of reach of its opponent's lethal blades. Eager to cut the competition, Icewave maneuvered around the "de-icer," striking Ghost Raptor's wedge, losing control, and flipping itself. Icewave was unable to continue and Ghost Raptor won by T.K.O.

BATTLEBOTS airs Wednesdays at 10p only on Science Channel.

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