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BATTLEBOTS Season 2 Finale Highlights

posted: 10/20/17
by: Science Channel

The championship battle has arrived, and it's a doozy. Read on to see which bot was crowned champion, and which bots were sent home (SPOILERS AHEAD):

Minotaur vs. Bombshell
At the buzzer, Minotaur and Bombshell collided head-on but the bots were only able to land glancing blows. The bots danced around each other, jockeying for position, until Minotaur landed a mighty blow on Bombshell's body -- shredding the bot's armor. In the ensuing exchange, the bots collided again. The force of impact was so powerful that Minotaur lost power on its right side. Bombshell seized the opportunity and launched an attack that would disable its opponent's ability to drive. Bombshell wins by T.K.O.

Tombstone vs. Yeti
Both bots were aggressive, but Tombstone landed the first hit, sending shrapnel across the arena. Yeti would recover. As the battle continued, Tombstone targeted Yeti's wheels and chipped away at the tires. The bots continued to exchange powerful blows until both bots' primary weapons were disabled. The competitors resorted to pushing one another around the arena and into the hazards. Both bots survived the battle, but Tombstone is declared the winner in a unanimous decision.

Bombshell vs. Tombstone
The bots clashed at the center of the arena, then danced around one-another looking for an opening to strike. Tombstone made the next move, striking Bombshell on its body and disabling its ability to drive. Tombstone seized the opportunity to continue its assault, dismantling Bombshell piece by piece. Tombstone wins by T.K.O. and is crowned the champion. The bot and his team are awarded the Golden Nut.

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