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Congrats to our May Science Super Heroes!

posted: 05/21/17
by: Eileen Marable

Science Channel has launched Science Super Heroes, crowning individuals each month who have used science to make a difference in their community. We at Science Channel know science is everywhere and used everyday. It's in the DNA for progress and possibility. Through Science Super Heroes we are committed to igniting passion for science and encouraging the next generation of innovators, problem solvers and game changers.

May's Science Super Heroes are:

Beth Topinka

STEAM Lab Teacher, Millstone Elementary, Central NJ

Do Madagascar hissing cockroaches prefer the scent of peppermint over vanilla? Can you design a mountainside motel for a mouse? How about create safe transport for a 2,000-year-old fossil? This is what happens in Beth Topinka's S.T.E.A.M. lab at the Millstone Township School District in central New Jersey. Beth also runs the Community Problem Solvers club that recently won first place in the New Jersey Future Problem Solving State Bowl. Looking to solve the problem of the spread of an invasive species, Beth's students developed a solution to keep seeds from sticking to shoes and clothes. The Phearlessly Phighting Phragmites project team heads to the International Conference in Wisconsin in June.

WSF Program--The Ultimate Science Day: Visitors to Beth's "What's Shakin'?!" activity choose among three different structural engineering design challenges. How will your structural solutions protect precious artifacts from the terrifying earthquake encountered on our mighty, bicycle-powered shake table? Yes, you get to ride the bike!

Dr. Valerie Camille Jones

Math Teacher, Ron Clark Academy, Atlanta, Georgia

Dancing their way through geometry and algebra is what earned Camille Jones the reputation as her students' favorite teacher...and the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching and recognition by Congressman John Lewis. Frequently dressed as a Pok? Ball and teaching in a classroom that looks like it's straight from the set of Willie Wonka, Camille uses real-life applications to teach her middle school in Southeast Atlanta that math is part of everything from architecture to basketball and more.

WSF Program--Cool Jobs: Glow-in-the-dark sticks, dancing, geometric shapes will entrance the audience in how Jones teachers math in her class.

Joshua Winter

Physics Teacher, Basis Independent Brooklyn School

It's hard not to love your physics teacher when he has a fellow teacher smash a cinderblock on his chest with a sledgehammer to demonstrate inertia and mass. Leaving his home state of Mississippi and teaching university physics, Joshua headed to Brooklyn to show that even 11-year-olds can grapple physics.

Whether kindergartners or college students, his engaging teaching style, and exciting demonstrations make even the most complex concepts accessible. Winter is the recipient of numerous excellence in teaching awards including the Herb Handley Outstanding New Science Teacher Award from the Mississippi Science Teacher's Association and the Faculty Teaching Award in Natural & Physical Sciences and Math & Statistics from the Mississippi State University. For his series on the Physics of Football, he won the GOLD Award for Excellence in Broadcasting from the Mississippi Association of Broadcasters. Winter is also a musician in a local rock band and enjoys hiking and traveling with his wife and two pups.

May Science Super Hero Beth Topinka
Beth Topinka
May Science Super Hero Valerie Camille Jones
Dr. Valerie Camille Jones
May Science Super Hero Joshua Winter
Joshua Winter
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