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Even Superheroes Have Superheroes!

posted: 03/08/17
by: Eileen Marable
Olivia Pavco-Giaccia
Olivia Pavco-Giaccia is a very busy woman. She's authored an award-winning children's book. She is the founder and CEO of the social venture, LabCandy - a line of sparkly goggles, lab coats and more, all while also finishing her degree in Cognitive Science from Yale University. She has collaborated with a variety of STEM-focused initiatives including Imagine magazine and the Women's Leadership Initiative, while serving on the Champions Board of the National Girls Collaborative Project.

All of these accomplishments are why we choose her to be one of our Science Superheroes for March - Women's History Month. Olivia is not only a champion for science, we think she'll probably make history too. If we could give her a cape, we would.

We were talking to Olivia and her passion for getting the word out about science is genuine. She is always asking, "What more can I do? What else can I say to get the message out?" Olivia's superpowers are infectious - we sat down and started asking ourselves the same thing. How do we get spread her message about STEM learning and genuine love of seeing the "wow" moment when girls get that insight about science being all around us?

It made us wonder - was there someone that gave Olivia that same "wow" moment that inspired her? Sure enough, when we asked her she was already way ahead of us. Olivia had recorded a tribute to the teacher who first sparked her enthusiasm in science. It's such a great story and we are delighted to share it with you below.

To learn more about Olivia and our other March Science Super Hero, Debbie Sterling, Founder and CEO of GoldieBlox visit our Science Super Heroes site. Real people from every walk of life are making a difference with science every day; we hope you'll nominate someone you know that has inspired you!

Enjoy Olivia's story!