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See The Historic SpaceX Flight and Coverage

posted: 03/31/17
by: Eileen Marable
Space X Falcon 9
Space X

Yesterday, SpaceX again made history as it launched a Falcon 9 rocket from NASA's Kennedy Space center. The flight accomplished two incredible things: it delivered a spacecraft into orbit with a refurbished booster first used in 2016 AND again stuck its landing on a Space X drone ship, the sixth time a Falcon 9 booster has done so.

The recycled Falcon 9 wasn't just on a test mission either. On its new upper stage and payload fairing, it carried a roughly 12 thousand pound SES-10 communications satellite. It's worth mentioning SpaceX also recovered the fairing, worth almost $6M, using a parachute and an onboard thruster to guide it to a "soft" landing in the Atlantic.

It's safe to say the space industry was buzzing about what this means for the future of space flight, commercial operations and exploration by making it more affordable. We've got the incredible video for you to view and curated the best expert commentary because we know you'll want all the context and to get lost in the story.

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