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Nice job internet! You've made two videos make the viral rounds over the past few days. Every time we watched, we couldn't help but think these clips might be candidates for future episodes of Outrageous Acts of Science. We've got a new season starting tonight at 9/8 c. so trust us, we've some legendary fails, wins and the completely strange.

That's science though! Scientific process and theory go through many fails and strange turns before they turn into wins. It's our mission to show you these videos and have our amazing team of experts and scientists explain the science behind the things you are trying and capturing for posterity. It validates our theory that science is everywhere and YOU, people of the internet, are doing it. We think it's time to break down that wall of thinking that science is always serious. It's amazing how much you can learn from the most ridiculous things.

So what videos caught our eye? How about Morton the python, weighing in at 89 lb. and draping his five yard length elegantly across this woman's bedroom furniture. Imagine waking up to THAT! Everyone involved seemed to take it fairly calmly; the snake catchers were called and Morton was relocated to a sewage plant with enough rats to keep him occupied. That's just another day in Queensland, Australia!

Our other pick? This masterpiece that is a replication of the Nerf N-Strike Maverick - only super-sized at four feet tall. We love the darts made of out pool noodles, but don't be fooled. This sucker has gained attention because it was built by engineer Mark Rober, and those darts travel at 40mph. Clearly there is some crazy power behind this giant toy because it requires a shoulder holster and is a tad difficult to aim. Enjoy the fun as Mark and his friends create scenarios to test and shoot their crazy creation.

Aren't these videos just BEGGING to be unraveled by science? Well, we get your love for this kind of stuff so be sure you check out the new season of Outrageous Acts of Science where we bring science smack down to the internet. To keep you entertained until you can tune-in, behold some of the best of Outrageous Acts of Science, and let us know your favorites!

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