Top 10 Meteorites

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In 1992, the Peekskill meteorite streaked across the sky in a greenish blaze from Kentucky to Pittsburgh, all the way to Peekskill, NY , where it attacked a perfectly innocent parked car.

The 1980 Chevy Malibu, which survived with only a massive dent and later went on to tour the world as the car who survived a meteorite attack. While the meteorite had impeccable aim, it was otherwise quite ordinary: about the size and weight of a bowling ball, although not so round, and made up of the most common type of meteorite stone.

What was unusual was the degree to which the Peekskill meteor was studied. Because its trail took it across much of the east coast, its path and trajectory were caught on video and analyzed by scientists, making its orbit, entry and impact one of the most analyzed ordinary meteor strikes ever.