Serenity: March 6, 2011

On a battlefield covered with an endless sea of dead soldiers, Sergeant Mal Reynolds and his men react when gigantic medships arrive at the scene to rescue for the few who survived the horrific conflict. Six years later, Mal is the captain of his own transport vessel, a small, bug-like ship called the Serenity. His crew consists of Jayne, a wary mercenary; Zoe, who fought alongside Mal in the horrific battle; Wash, the ship's unassuming pilot and Zoe's husband; and Kaylee, the ship's sexy mechanic.

As a suited-up Mal, Zoe and Jayne set about melting a hole in the hull of an abandoned spaceship, in hopes of accessing its valuable cargo, Wash's voice sounds on their headsets, alerting them to the sudden appearance of an Alliance cruiser. Mal instructs Wash to shut down the ship, hoping the cruiser will fail to spot them. But when the captain of the Alliance vessel orders a heat sweep, Mal, Zoe and Jayne quickly make their way back to the Serenity with some crates from the derelict ship in tow.

Once they're on board, Wash powers up the engines and zooms off into space. But before the captain of the Alliance ship can pursue, he and his crew receive a distress call from a large personnel carrier. The captain gives orders to head toward the carrier so a rescue mission can get underway…unaware that he's really responding to a signal from a small satellite the Serenity crew placed in orbit around a nearby moon just in case of trouble.

With the Serenity out of harm's way, Mal opens the crates taken from the derelict spacecraft. Inside are bars that resemble gold. Mal looks at them closely and decides they must be abandoned before the crew encounters another Alliance patrol. He also decides that the crew's best move is to head for the planet Persephone and pick up some tourists, making the crew look more respectable before they head for their ultimate destination, a planet called Boros.

When the ship touches down on Persephone, Mal, Zoe and Jayne pay a man named Badger a visit, with the intention of selling him the cargo taken from the wrecked ship. But Badger intercepted a bulletin detailing the Serenity's encounter with the Alliance cruiser. As a result, Badger is certain a government stamp exists on every molecule of the crated booty and refuses to buy it. Mal and his crew make their way back to the Serenity, where several travelers-Inara, a prostitute; Book, a shepherd; Dobson, a henpecked man on his way to visit his wife's sister; and Simon, a doctor who has with him a mysterious dark blue box-have purchased fares to Boros. Once they are on board, the Serenity lifts off and the passengers and crew begin their journey to Boros.


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