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If you think sports equipment is churned out by some anonymous factory that also makes lava lamps and garden gnomes, think again. Depending on the sport, the making of its equipment may involve anything from skilled, experienced craftsmen to high-tech computerized equipment. And it certainly always requires special materials. Try our quiz to see if you know what it takes to make sports equipment.

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What is the function of the lines that are scored on the head of a golf club?

to give the ball spin
to indicate the golfer's handicap

... The lines, which are scored on the club head with a jeweler's saw, are designed to give the ball spin. It's that spin that enables you, among other things, to keep your approach shots on the green.


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Which kind of bat do the pro baseball players use?

wooden bat
aluminum bat
titanium bat

... The pros still stick with wooden bats, but you'll find aluminum bats in use in recreational leagues.


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Which of these fastening devices is used in wooden golf clubs?

rubber bands

... Glue is used in putting together the components of a wooden golf club head, including the metal bottom plate.


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What are curling stones made of?

volcanic rock

... Curling stones are made of a special kind of fine-grain granite that's free of quartz. This granite is only found in two quarries in Wales and Scotland.


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When cricket bats are made, the wood is sent through a wood curler, which applies how much pressure to the wood?

3 tons of pressure
10 tons of pressure
50 pounds of pressure

... The wood curler applies 3 tons of pressure to the wood. After going through the curler three to four times, the wood is compressed by about a half inch.


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Why is a custom-made golf club superior to the mass-produced retail grade of clubs?

It's the proper size for your grip.
It's tailored to your physical size, strength and swing characteristics.
Both of the first two answers

... Oddly, while tennis players can buy racquets to fit their individual characteristics in sporting goods stores, golfers can't. That's unfortunate, because custom-made clubs will better fit your grip and are better tailored to your physical size and strength, and swing characteristics.


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Who drills holes in football helmets so that a liner and face guard can be attached to the helmet?

a robot
a team of factory workers
one factory worker

... A robot does the drilling work for football helmets, since it can accomplish the task quicker and more accurately than a person can.


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True or false: The shape of golf club heads generally has been restricted by the rules of golf.


... True. The rules of golf have left relatively little room for innovation in the design of golf club heads.


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What kind of wood are snowshoes usually made of?

white ash

... Snowshoes are usually made of one strip of white ash wood.


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Why are wooden golf club heads treated with preserving oil, or coated with a polyurethane finish?

to make them look shiny
to make the ball go farther
to protect them from moisture

... Wooden golf club heads are treated to protect them from being damaged by moisture.


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