About Memory Games

Each year, fifty of America's most extraordinary minds go head-to-head in the US Memory Championships in hopes of becoming the next national memory champion. Tune in to Science Channel on July 15 at 10PM to witness every mind-blowing moment and meet some of this year's most impressive mental athletes.

This is not your typical tournament-style event. It's not physical strength, but mental prowess that's on trial in this competition. Many contestants practice all year long to keep their gray matter in tip top shape.

Each event is meant to test the participants' ability to remember different kinds of information in a number of ways. For example, the "Speed Cards" event measures the ability to recall numbers and patterns. On the other side of the spectrum, the "Three Strikes You're Out" event tests the ability to remember detailed information about other people - right down to things like their birthday and favorite foods!

Don't forget to tune in to Science Channel on July 15 at 10PM for the US Memory Championships. May the best brain win!


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