Death at Midnight: March 29, 2011

Get a ringside seat for some of nature's deadliest encounters: losers aren't just KO'd, they're eaten alive. This is the no-holds-barred, real-life world of Spiders, Scorpions, Centipedes and Killer Ants who fight to the death. It's a bug-eat-bug gladiatorial contest where stings, spikes and deadly venom are wielded with cold-blooded precision.

When Rainforest Monsters like the Spiny Leaf Insect and Giant Rainforest Mantis go to head-to-head, it's an all-out assault where only one survives. Can the lethal stinger of a Bull Ant overcome the suffocating silk of the Redback Spider? Will the amazing speed of a Water Strider triumph over the stealth and cunning of a Water Spider? Can a Black House Spider outpoint its arch-rival, the White-Tailed Spider? And will a cranky, ancient warrior of the spider world--the Sydney Funnelweb -- prevail over its highly-evolved nemesis, the Garden Wolf Spider? When bugs go to war there's just one guarantee--you're either dead or alive.

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