Deadly Duels: January 24, 2012

In a gripping return series, "Monster Bug Wars" takes you into nature's fight pit, where a host of ruthless bugs as bizarre as they are lethal, slug it out in real-life battles to the death. With six brand new episodes, and commentary from bug experts Dr Linda Rayor, and Dr Bryan Grieg Fry, you'll witness epic encounters between swarms of marauding assassins, and vicious one-on-one clashes where only one bug survives. The world of monster bugs is a jungle, where there's just one law--eat or be eaten.

Witness a deadly duel between a Moss Mantis and a Jungle Tiger Beetle. A Horned Katydid attacks an Owl Butterfly Caterpillar. An Ogre-faced Spider goes head on with an Army ant. A Black-tailed Scorpion tackles a Red-Thighed Wandering Spider.



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