Jason Kerestes
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MythBusters: The Search contestant Jason Kerestes.
Christine Busby

Jason Kerestes was lucky enough to find two of his greatest passions at the age of 10, when he first experienced welding and remote-control cars. Since then, he has carved a unique path that has included developing exoskeletons for DARPA, working as a robotics engineer for Boeing, owning a welding business, as well as building autonomous vehicles, RC helicopters, and developing unique robots for many different applications.

Having obtained his undergraduate and master's degrees from Arizona State University with a thesis in Augmentation of Human Locomotion with Robotic Exoskeletons, Jason has developed one-of-a-kind exoskeletons that have been proven by the U.S. Army to augment running at high speeds. Furthermore, he has developed a jetpack that allows soldiers the ability to run faster than ever before. The jetpack has been featured on Discovery Channel and in Sports Illustrated and Popular Science, just to name a few.

For Jason, every bit of passion for fabrication is equally matched by a passion for programming, robotics and automation. He is a self-taught machinist, mechanic, welder and electrician (among other things), and believes that learning is the key to success.

Twitter: @JKRobotics

Web Site: jasonkerestes.com

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