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Myth Database – Alcohol Makes You More Creative

posted: 01/14/17
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MYTH: Alcohol makes you more creative and therefore a better artist.


Does alcohol, by increasing confidence and decreasing inhibitions, make a person more creative and therefore a better artist? To help test this, MythBusters turned to expert model maker Darren Marshall, whose work has appeared in films such as Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Mars Attacks.

To kick the test off, Darren gave the nine candidates a lesson in sculpting 101. Then, sober, they sculpted their own faces in clay over a 45-minute period to establish a creative baseline.

After completing that task, non-drinkers Hackett and Ben exited the challenge. The remaining seven drank enough to feel the effects of the alcohol but not become drunk, staying below the California drunk driving limit of .07. They then repeated the initial challenge of sculpting their faces in 45 minutes.

The seven sets of resulting sculptures were then presented to Darren without any indication which were created buzzed and which sober. After all 14 sculptures were ranked, it was revealed that Darren had found that in four sets out of seven, the buzzed sculptures were more creative.

The myth was thus deemed plausible, although "only just."

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