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Myth Database – Landing an Airplane With No Experience

posted: 02/19/17
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MYTH: A person with no experience can safely land an airplane.


For this myth, the candidates flew a top-of-the-line flight simulator for a Cessna 172, flying into Garberville, Calif. At the start of the simulation, the plane was at an altitude of 5,000 feet, a speed of 100 knots, and traveling away from the airport with only 15 minutes of fuel remaining.

The special guest judges for the task were Mike Ventorino, a pilot with more than 50 years of flight experience, and Chris Taverner, a pilot and flight instructor. Mike guided the candidates through the landing, while Chris observed the candidates in the cockpit. Brian was excluded from this test because of his experience flying Cessnas in real life.

After each candidate had a turn at the simulation, four out of the five flights ended as crashes, but one person -- Martin -- was able to land the plane safely. For that reason, the myth was declared plausible -- at least according to the Search's small sample size.

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