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Myth Database – Unlocking Handcuffs With a Bobby Pin

posted: 02/09/17
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MYTH: Even without any experience, you can reliably free yourself from a set of handcuffs using a bobby pin.


For this myth, candidates were brought into a room one by one, where they were seated and handcuffed. They had eight minutes to free themselves using the bobby pins provided. If they were unable to escape in the first six minutes, they were allowed to remove the tape on a practice cuff to see the inner workings of the locking mechanism; they then had the remaining two minutes to unlock themselves. Deviant Ollam, a physical penetration -- aka breaking and entering -- specialist, served as guest judge.

In the end, three candidates -- Jon, Martin and Tracy -- were able to free themselves within the first six minutes. Two others, Allen and Tamara, escaped after seeing the inner workings of the cuffs. The final two, Brian and Hackett, failed to unlock themselves at all.

In the end, because five out of seven succeeded without any kind of previous knowledge, the myth was declared plausible.
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