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Myth Database – Shooting Bad Guys in the Dark

posted: 02/09/17
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MYTH: In total darkness, a good guy can take aim with his gun and hit a bad guy relying on nothing but sound.


The test for this myth took place at Richmond Rod & Gun and featured special guest judge Travis Tomasie, an American sport shooter who had appeared on previous gun-related episodes of MythBusters, including Super Fast Reload.

Prior to filming this segment all candidates were given a gun safety workshop regardless of their level of experience. On test day Travis facilitated target practice with the .22 pistol used for the test. The control test, in which all eight were able to fire and hit the target without a blindfold, was not contained in the final episode that aired.

For the blindfold test, the candidates shot through the rectangular center of a safety rig that limited their side rotation, in order to protect the crew. Lights on top of each target identified for viewers which the candidate should be shooting at; each target also had a sound, controlled by Kyle Hill, letting the shooter know the general direction in which to fire. The eight contestants each fired three shots, producing 24 data points.

In the end, none of the contestants could hit the target despite being able to previously. While sound could help identify the direction in which to shoot, it could not help with how high to shoot, and so most shots were too low, hitting the ground.

In the end, the myth was declared busted.
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