About Oddities: San Francisco

Audra Kunkle (right) and Wednesday Mourning (left)

Follow the staff and transactions of the quirky store, Loved to Death, located in the heart of San Francisco. Customers flock from all around the world to experience this one-of-a-kind establishment, overflowing with curiosities and the obscure. Loved to Death is more than just a store — it's the heart and soul of the oddest street in town.


Want To Be On The Next Season Of Oddities San Francisco?

We are looking for people that love to shop for the obscure to appear on Oddities San Francisco, the Science Channel show that celebrates the weirdest stuff in the wild west.

The show takes place in San Francisco's own Loved to Death, on infamous Haight Street where anything can happen.

If you love bizarre finds, or have a sideshow act we haven't seen yet, this is for you! Please email the producers at SFOddshow@gmail.com with a picture of yourself and your fun collections, or the collections you wish you could own, ASAP!


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