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For more than a decade, the East Village's iconic Obscura Antiques & Oddities shop has been New York City's foremost destination for one-of-a-kind, bizarre-and often shocking-artifacts. Since becoming the focus of SCIENCE's hit series, ODDITIES, the Big Apple's epicenter of the eccentric has become pop culture's Mecca of the macabre.

This season of ODDITIES turns up the volume for eleven ridiculously entertaining episodes that redefine the notion of "freak chic." The merchandise has never been more memorable, with notable highlights including a two-headed pig, a mummified "member," an occupied coffin, a prostate warmer, and a preserved heart full of bullet holes. However, at Obscura, the people are even more eccentric than the products.


Want To Be On The Next Season Of Oddities?

We are looking for people that love to shop for the obscure to appear on Oddities, the Science Channel show that celebrates weird. You'll be in on all the fun that happens at New York's oddest antique shop, Obscura Antiques and Oddities -- filled with rare objects -- real and prosthetic human remains, outrageous taxidermied creatures amd ancient shrunken heads.

If you love bizarre finds, or have a sideshow act we haven't seen yet, this is for you! Please email the producers at odditiesshow@gmail.com with a picture of yourself and your fun collections, or the collections you wish you could own, ASAP!


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