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How To Enter Race To Escape

posted: 08/07/15
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Filming the Escape Drama
Race To Escape is the ultimate mental challenge. Locked in a room with strangers you are tasked with solving complex clues to beat your rival team in the next room. The stakes are high because as we've heard from host Jimmy Pardo, "In this game, time is money!"

You've been playing along at home, solving clues, and shouting out advice for team Red or Blue. The thing is, once you're inside that room, the door is locked, and the clock starts ticking, everything you think you know about logic, teamwork, and your ability to work under pressure can change. Anything can happen.

Of course Science Channel fans are a motivated group. You love challenges, live for thinking out of the box, and your team could win $25,000 if you get everything right. Race To Escape is smart fun and you want a shot.

The producers have set up an email to apply for Race To Escape. Send them a note and tell them why you'd be great on the show!

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