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Strip The City 2 uses stunning CGI animation to strip eight major cities naked of their steel, buildings, roads, rivers and bedrock – layer by layer – to explore the secret technology and infrastructure that keeps them running.

What keeps New York’s super tall skyscrapers standing during deadly superstorms? How can Tokyo survive sitting on some of the most seismically active rock on the planet? How did the ancient Inca’s build a city high in the Andes without modern technology?

This series explores these and other mysteries, by peeling back the glass off buildings, rolling back the tarmac on roads and sucking whole harbors dry, to expose the hidden infrastructure beneath eight major cities: New York, Chicago, Venice, Tokyo, New Orleans, Paris, Machu Picchu and LA.

As we explore what lies beneath each metropolis we come face to face with the people who are instrumental in keeping these cities alive and well – the engineers building and looking after the city’s infrastructure.

We explore how engineers in Paris are expanding its huge underground Metro network and how workers in Los Angeles are building earthquake proof skyscrapers and bridges. We reveal how buildings in Chicago can weather searing heat and how New Orleans is now protecting itself from the world’s deadliest hurricanes.

Stunning CGI animation peels back the layers, revealing alien landscapes of Paris’s underground caverns, Tokyo’s live volcano, LA’s fractured fault lines, and Peru’s ancient waterways - geological wonders that play a surprising role shaping the cities and lives of the people above.

This series reveals a world never seen before – a fascinating geological universe normally hidden our cities…a landscape of unprecedented wonder, turbulence and scale.


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