Bo Dingo


Bo Dingo isn't just an ordinary dog. With an adventuresome spirit and a loving heart she is a great companion to anyone! Adopted a year ago from the Montgomery County Animal Shelterin Texas, she had just days left. Brian found her hiding quietly in a back corner behind another dog, but after he coaxed her out her personality lit up. The second Bo was outside, she was obedient and playful.

Abandoned for being too destructive, she now lives a life of luxury and shows nothing but intelligence and caring. No matter where you find Brian you are likely to find Bo, from the trails in the forest to the shop -- she and Brian are inseparable. Bo gets her name from her heritage: she's part Lab, part terrier and part Australian Kelpie, a dog of dingo lineage. What she lacks in build skills she makes up for in personality! Bo can be found either snuggled up on someone's lap or playing fetch. With boundless energy she is always ready for some running or games.

When Bo saw the MythBusters: The Search application video she knew there was no way she would let Brian go without her. This 11th contestant is fighting to be the first K9 MythBuster, and she knows she has what it takes to win.

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