Brian Louden


Four years before the MythBusters would start busting their own myths Brian was already playing around with the physics of the world, trying to understand why and how things worked. He couldn't tell you if a train car would implode under the pressure of the atmosphere, but encouraged by a high-school physics teacher he did crush a barrel. Not a bad start for a freshman. But it was just that: the start.

MythBusters fed into Brian's addiction to knowledge, curiosity and love of S.T.E.M., something that guides his life. He watched from day one until the last episode, dreaming of that amazing life. Out of school he quickly worked his way up to paramedic. That didn't satisfy his curiosity, so he headed to college, earning a degree in biology. From saving people's lives to understanding their decomposition at a body farm, his desire to understand life went hand in hand with understanding how all of the world works.

Brian doesn't just like to gain knowledge, he loves to share it and get others interested as well. He taught as a paramedic and as a college student, and today he can be found at schools and science fairs -- anywhere he can help spread his love of understanding. As a college TA he was even able to publish a few papers and co-author a book chapter, as well as a lab manual.

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It has been a lifetime journey for Brian to end up on MythBusters: The Search. Starting young in the garage, building air cannons and giving his parents stories of exploding inventions they still love to tell, he gained the skills and knowledge that led him to where he is today. From blacksmithing to drone building, Brian thinks pushing his limits and building to expand his knowledge and skills are what make life worth living. Brian likes to say, "Never stop making and you will never stop learning."

If there is something to build, something to learn or knowledge to spread Brian will be there. Brian Louden was born to be a MythBuster.

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