Jonathan Lung


Typically found in his natural habitat -- the fabrication shop -- Jon Lung is a maker of things. From the moment he was hired to work in his undergraduate wood and metal shop, he knew he had found his eternal happy place. Ten years later Jon always finds a way to keep working with his hands, whether it is designing and building furniture or generating concepts, prototypes and tests as a product designer. The breadth of projects has given him the chance to amass skills and techniques working with various woods, metals, foams, plastics, fabrics, papers, resins, silicones, and clays. When not working in the physical world, Jon works in the digital one as a freelance graphic designer.

On the off chance you cannot find him in the shop, you will most likely find him running around junkyards, searching for interesting bits and doodads or digging around with the same ferocity in the kitchen for ingredients to cook with.


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